Draw What You Love: The Art of Simone Grünewald



Discover the enchanting work of popular German artist Simone Grünewald, whose personal designs feature characters, scenes, and narratives inspired by her everyday-life experiences and passion for the art.


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編集者3D Total Publishing
本の高さ (cm)24,5
本の幅 (cm)18
本の厚さ (cm)1,5
本の重さ (kg)0,846


About the book:

This new title, The Art of Simone Grünewald, is a beautifully produced hardback that goes even further to delight existing fans, as well as any aspiring character designers new to her work. Simone Grünewald is an expert in the art of imbuing scenes and character with a depth of mood, emotion, and atmosphere. The resulting images are incredibly engaging and thoughtful, while still being accessible and commercial. Her talent blends with an understanding of how to create work that has wide appeal is a unique professional approach that readers will be keen to learn and apply to their own art.

In addition to fan-favorites from her portfolio and exciting new art commissioned especially for the book, Simone shares the digital and traditional tools and techniques she uses to acquire her results. Brand-new tutorials illustrate Simone’s talent, not just for drawing, but for teaching techniques in a fun and lively way.

Here you can check out a great flip-through YouTube video by Parkablogs:

About the artist:

Simone Grünewald is a 3D Total Publishing favorite as the designer of popular characters for Character Design Quarterly magazine, and the author of Sketch Every Day, a book packed with her much sought-after sketching techniques and character-design tips.

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