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Dominik Mayer's very first (premium) artbook, only available during the Kickstarter campaign!


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著者Dominik Mayer
編集者Spiridon - Éditions Caurette
本の高さ (cm)21.4
本の幅 (cm)28
本の厚さ (cm)3.5
本の重さ (kg)1.6
本の発行日December 2024


About the book: 

Incendium is Dominik Mayer's first big publication of artworks, personal and client work alike. You will find some of Dominik Mayer's favorite pieces, including some from his IPs Nachthunger, Elysium and Asbet. Additionally, he is giving insight into his creative process on some of the pieces he made for Magic: The Gathering.

The Premium edition is a 272-page cloth-bound hardcover book sized 214 x 280 mm and printed on 150g Artic Volume Paper with a matte finish on the cover. There are golden elements on the cover and the pages have gilded edges. For more information, check out the the Kickstarter campaign!

On YouTube, you can watch the timelapse on how he painted Red Charge!

About the artist:

Dominik Mayer is a German Illustrator focused on dark fantasy art. He studied Illustration and 3d Animation and worked as an in-house 3D/2D generalist, Graphic Designer, and Concept Artist in Hamburg and Munich before becoming a full-time freelance Illustrator and art director for the Game and Movie industry. He works for clients worldwide, among them Wizards of the Coast, Axis Animation, Netflix, Blizzard, Tencent, and Riot Games. Besides his work as an industry professional, he also works as an independent artist on his own projects which can be followed on his social media channels. Since the day he found his first Magic card in the garden of his parents, he became a huge fan of the game. With the set Onslaught being released back in 2002 he started his magic journey with a black and red goblin deck. With Magic the Gathering being an important part of his life, it was a dream come true to create his first illustrations for Zendikar Rising released in 2020. Since then he has worked on a lot of different sets and illustrated iconic cards like Time Warp, Shock, the Triomes in New Capenna, and the command cycle in the epic Brothers’ War Saga.

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