Sergio Toppi - Scenes from the Bible



This is the fifth book devoted to Toppi's illustration work.


注意: 残り1個です!

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著者Sergio Toppi
編集者Magnetic Press
本の高さ (cm)31
本の幅 (cm)22.5
本の厚さ (cm)1.5
本の重さ (kg)0,895


About the book:

This book spotlights Toppi's unique artwork, featuring images and studies created along various themes.

"The latest opus from the giant of Italian comics focuses on scenes from the Bible with, of course, a very personal vision. These works on biblical characters were drawn during Sergio Toppi's long collaboration with the newspaper Il Giornalino. He presents a vision that is far removed from the usual clichés of scenes from the Bible. Surprising, disturbing, but always beautiful."

- Case Départ

About the artist:

Widely considered a master of graphic storytelling, Italian illustrator and author Sergio Toppi brought a previously unimagined level of artistry to the practice of sequential storytelling.  His work has influenced many of the industry's most celebrated creators, inspiring the medium with his dazzling and unique creative direction.  His body of work covers a wide array of historical periods, cultural settings, and global folktales which have been brought to life through his extensive research and cinematic flair.

You can find more informations about the book on the publisher's website.