Art.Box: Pablo Carpio



Art.Box: Pablo Carpio, the second artist in an art-zine series!


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著者Pablo Carpio
編集者Editions Caurette and Spiridon
本の高さ (cm)29.7
本の幅 (cm)21
本の厚さ (cm)0.9
本の重さ (kg)0.600
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本の発行日April 2024


About the Art.Box collection

This is the first edition of Art.Box, a new art-zine series showcasing incredible art at an affordable price! Our goal is to bring you amazing art from a diverse roster of artists to every nook and cranny around the world where art lovers live and breathe! And in doing so, we will lay the foundation for building a great Art.Box magazine collection!

With our ultimate purpose firmly in mind, we are delighted to present issue number two of Art.Box featuring Pablo Carpio!

About the book

Fill your eyes with the imaginings of Spanish artist, Pablo Carpio.  His art is a curious blend of perfectly rendered traditional and urban landscapes with a freaky futuristic or alien twist! Most notably, Pablo's work is a superlative example of all things lit by light, the mesmerising power of light in the hands of a talented artist.

About the artist

Pablo Carpio is a Spanish concept artist who has worked in the video game and film industry for several years. As a child, he developed a strong passion for drawing and would spend much of his time practicing art to improve his skills. His love of art drove him to continue his studies at the Complutense University of Madrid, where he graduated from the Fine Arts program and gained strong techniques in drawing, art history, and traditional painting.

Pablo is now known for his fascinating work that showcases his use of textures, building of realistic worlds, and creation of dynamic illustrations that effectively tell a story. He has collaborated with companies such as Pixar, ILM, Marvel Studios, Riot Games, Ubisoft, Warner Bros., and many others, and has worked on films like "Captain Marvel," "X-Men: Dark Phoenix," and "Justice League." He is currently working as a Production Designer working on a feature animation movie with Base FX and Duncan Studio.

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Take the 90 second Art Challenge with Pablo Carpio!

Take the 90 second Art Challenge with Pablo Carpio!