Moebius - Arzak art book



Moebius - Arzak art book

First volume of the Petit Panthéon Moebius series


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作者 Moebius
编辑 Moebius Production
裝訂 Hardcover
頁數 176
書高 (cm) 31
書本寬度 (cm) 24.7
書本厚度 (cm) 1.8
書重 (kg) 1.2
舌頭 Bilingual French/English
書的出版日期 10/2023
ISBN 978-2908-766-738


Beware: an homage to the glory of a genius!

This splendid album, produced by the Moebius family, is a compilation of the entire illustrated corpus that  preceded, followed or accompanied, the publication of the episodes of ARZAK, or Harzack, or Harzach, or Arzach, or Harzak - in short, 'the man with the conical hat', the heroic anti-hero created by MOEBIUS at the height of his powers.

This large-format 176-page canvas album published by Moebius Production collects and showcases a wealth of sketches, finished drawings, color frescoes, sovereign images, stunning enlargements... I'm running out of superlatives to define this monument, where every centimeter is worth contemplating at length, and even scrutinizing with a magnifying glass, as Jean Giraud himself did when he took off his glasses to stick his eye-scanner to the drawing he was looking at.

- Numa Sadoul

More than just a character born from the imagination of the absolutely pure genius of Moebius, aka Jean Giraud, Arzak is above all, an heroic alter ego of the artist himself. To follow the adventures of Arzak is to follow the adventures, both real and fantasized, of this iconic artist. This new artbook is a dizzying plunge into the surreal, psychedelic world of Arzak and his faithful prehistoric bird.

This eight-chapter book takes us on a journey to discover the many inscrutable facets of this character with no predicatably specific age, no predictably recognizable appearance, and not even a predictable gender; a truly metamorphic hero emblematic of Moebius's work. Appearing in different guises at different times in his life, even his very name is an enigma!  Who really is Arzak?

The publication of this first volume, inaugurating a brand-new collection initiated by Moebius Production and entitled "Le petit panthéon Moebius", will finally provide us opportunity to unravel the mysteries of L'Oeuvre hérmétique.

It all began with the arrival of a brand new character in my personal little pantheon. A very special character indeed because he was of my own image, my self as a comics hero in a series titled Inside Moebius.

- Moebius

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