Jean Giraud "Moebius" - Arzak Barvide (Poster)



50 x 70 cm format.

Illustration by Jean Giraud, Moebius


注意: 残り1個です!

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著者Jean Giraud "Moebius"
編集者Moebius Productions
本の高さ (cm)70
本の幅 (cm)50


Have a drink with the iconic Arzach in this abandoned diner in the middle of the desert.

The world of Azark:

Azarch, one of Moebius' major characters, was conceived in the 1980's, and brought to life in the magazine Métal Hurlant, created in 1975. His faithful companion and transport is his bird companion, and together they fly to unexplored and strange universes.This "voiceless" comic book (drawn without bubbles) takes us into colourful deserted landscapes, in a phantasmagorical world that seems to be from out of time and space.

"These strange worlds, beyond the visible, reveal something very personal, of the order of sensation.

Starwatcher is an avatar of Arzach, a result of the transformation of the Arzach character from a very masculine warrior into a feminine figure. Arzach is a landmark album: it is the one where Giraud becomes Moebius, leaving behind the realistic drawings of Blueberry to explore "the deepest level of consciousness, on the fringe of the unconscious."

More info on the publisher's website: Moebius Production.