Yoann Lossel - Forgotten Gods



Forgotten Gods, the art of Yoann Lossel

An artbook by Yoann Lossel, first launched via Kickstarter in summer 2020.


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著者 Yoann Lossel
編集者 Yoann Lossel
製本 Hardcover
ページ数 136
本の高さ (cm) 32
本の幅 (cm) 24
本の厚さ (cm) 2
本の重さ (kg) 1,1
本の発行日 2020
ISBN 9782493050007


"Forgotten Gods is the name of a painting I created in 2013, using the very same technique that promoted my work: graphite and gold leaf. I was inspired by an encounter with a large deer during a stroll in the moonlit forest. Thriving on the emotion this sighting generated as I crossed tall iced over grass, surrounded by trees frozen in their exquisite prisons of crystal, my steps resonating in the mysterious silence of the night, I began dreaming of a tribute to the forest, the one I live in as well as the others, to nature and to its liveliness. 

Some symbols are powerful enough to cross our differences and bring us together to remind us that all of our civilizations have a common background. Forgotten Gods is a door to Another World, this is what I wish for this book: that it will delight you and take you elsewhere for a stroll with me."

Yoann Lossel

About the artist

Yoann Lossel has exhibited his work in numerous galleries around the world, mainly in the United States. Award-winning artist, he is well known for his meticulous work combining graphite and gold leaf, legacy of the iconography that he cherishes such as the Italian Renaissance, the Symbolist, Pre-Raphaelites, Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts movements. He currently lives in the legendary Broceliande forest in Brittany, France.

This book is designed as a jewel, a precious artifact, an object animated by a life of its own. 

Forgotten Gods is an artbook which brings together Yoann's works from the past decade, with the wish to pay tribute to said period’s illustrations and carvings.

Find more about Yoann's work on his website here: Yoann Lossel | Gold leaf and graphite artist | France

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