Du vent dans les pinceaux



Christian Heinrich, the illustrator of the famous P’tites Poules (PKJ) reunited 30 years of travels and around forty sketchbooks in one and only book. 


35,00 €


著者 Christian HEINRICH
編集者 Astrid Franchet
製本 Hardcover
ページ数 312
本の高さ (cm) 30
本の幅 (cm) 22
本の重さ (kg) 1.9
本の発行日 14/11/2019
ISBN 9782900315064


Discover more than 300 pages of observations, amazement and testimony sketched along the way, feel the warm air of the desert, meet some faces from the other side of the world and raise your eyes to the frosted summits.

With his huge talent for catching light, Christian Heinrich takes us in a journey through time and space: from Madeira island to the remote villages in the Himalaya by way to his native Alsace…

Nature is revealed and related by his paintbrushes and pencils. His texts, sometimes poetic, sometimes descriptive, philosophical and funny, give additional keys to understand his sketches. Thus, anecdotes go with the stories and allow us to immerse ourselves in the everyday lives of sweet persons, all accepting to play the portrait game.

The artist’s technique can be read in the background, with a lot of different styles and techniques: watercolours, pencils, acrylics…

Follow Christian Heinrich through this brand new journey to discover “what’s waiting under the drawing”.