Claude Derib - Indian Spirit



Since he was a child Claude Derib has always loved native American's culture. This book from the « Nec Plus » collection is a powerful tribute to Indian tribes and Wild West nature. The illustrator of the comic book Buddy Longway and the famous Yakari uses his paintbrushes to create a world of emotions and depth.
The book is also filled with sketches and texts by Pierre-Yes Lador.

注意: 残り1個です!

30,00 €


著者 Claude Derib
編集者 Mosquito
製本 Hardcover
ページ数 45
本の高さ (cm) 34 cm
本の幅 (cm) 25 cm
本の厚さ (cm) 1.5 cm
本の重さ (kg) 0.7
本の発行日 2012
ISBN 2352830842