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Cool Girls

Jérémie Fleury's first artbook

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著者 Jérémie Fleury
編集者 Editions Caurette
製本 Hardcover
ページ数 200
本の高さ (cm) 25.5
本の幅 (cm) 19
本の重さ (kg) 0.885
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本の発行日 May, 21st 2019
ISBN 9791096315253


Introduction by Jérémie Fleury

I've been putting pictures to the stories that pop into my head for as long as I can remember. My imagination is fed by the  things that fascinate me – books, films and video games – which are like an infinite canvas for artists these days and, as my passion for illustration has gradually turned into a career over the years, I have come to realize that this is what I most enjoy about my work; the opportunity to reinterpret the original source of my  inspiration.

I get the chance to work on a variety of projects, each rewarding in its own way. When I illustrate a book - I am helping to enchant children. When I draw cards or visuals for a board game - I am helping to engage players. The best satisfaction a creative artist can have is to see the fruit of their labor come to life in the hands of others.

While fulfilling orders for professional illustrations, which are subject to various constraints, I also make time for what I call "recreational work". This special time is very important because it helps me to improve my artistic skills, test new techniques, challenge myself and tackle new themes with complete artistic freedom. It is also an opportunity to refine my style.

Many of my characters, mostly female, were the result of this recreational time. They are often courageous warriors or heroines, sometimes pictured in intimate or erotic situations. I always try to bring them to life with a certain degree of elegance; they are my "Cool Girls".

Thank you to Jean-Christophe Caurette whose enthusiasm is the reason you hold this book in your hands. Thanks also to Olivier Souillé for his friendship and unfailing support.

And finally, a big thank you to Dean Yeagle who does me the great honour of writing the preface to this artbook. He is one of the artists who inspires me and for whom I have the deepest admiration.

Jérémie Fleury

Foreword by Dean Yeagle

As a cartoonist myself, I’m always on the lookout for artists whose work engages, delights and inspires me.  I’ve spent most of my career in animation, but most recently I’ve contributed cartoons to Playboy Magazine and my work has become focused on ‘pinups’, of a cartoon variety. I’m always delighted to find an artist whose work I had not been aware of before; work which has style, humor, and personality to it. So I was happy to be introduced to the work of Jérémie Fleury, and to write this preface for this lovely book.

There are many ways of drawing pretty girls, and in some cases, she may be a ‘cartoon’. Which is to say, a caricature, an exaggeration. A good cartoon has character, style, and a point of view that you can instantly recognize. There are many genres into which they can fit. Femmes fatale, pinups, glamour, superhero, noir…but one large niche is that of ‘Good Girl Art’. That generally means that the young woman depicted has a genuine personality, and is, if not necessarily entirely ‘good’, at least not loaded down with weaponry and bad intentions. She is sexy, but not blatantly erotic. There may well be a certain noticeable innocence to her sexiness. And she will be ‘tasteful’…not in a puritanical sense, by any means, but just…’cute’. Over the years, this has often meant that she will be in danger and in need of rescue by a male hero. But things have changed. While still pretty and sexy and in various states of undress, the ‘Good Girl’ now has agency. You will not find a girl in need of rescue in this book.  They may get into troublesome situations, but you can tell they’re perfectly able to get themselves out of it.

As you page through this book, you’ll see that Jérémie has a varied style…sometimes closer to ‘real life’, but most often veering off into fantasy. You’ll find mermaids, female warriors and superheroes, princesses, wood nymphs, mythological beings, showgirls, dancers, sci-fi and steampunk girls, pirates and nudes. Look carefully at the images. You’ll notice Jérémie’s fine talent for color and pose, gesture and costume, with the occasional well-observed animal or machine as well. And always, a fine appreciation of feminine beauty.

Enjoy it! This is ’Good Girl Art’, indeed!

Dean Yeagle

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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