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Los ángeles - Extra sketch

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Los àngeles, by Sylvain Despretz 

Extra sketch for backers only!

Choose "Black & White" (€50) or "Colors" (€100)

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50,00 €

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Auteur Sylvain Despretz
Editeur Editions Caurette
Hauteur 21
Largeur 14.8
Poids 0.015
Langue no text
Date de publication 2020


PLEASE NOTE: This offer is ONLY for backers of the project who have already pledged on Kickstarter or KissKissBankBank.

Dear backers,

You participated in the crowdfunding of Sylvain DESPRETZ's artbook: Los àngeles, and for that, we're really grateful!
This page is for you, please do not share the address :)

If you wish, you have the option to upgrade your participation for a few days, either to switch from the Standard" version of the book to the Deluxe version, or to add a color or black & white sketch by Sylvain Despretz to the book you have already pledged for. Or both :)

The Deluxe version includes an additional 80-page illustration album and a slipcase.

By adding this item to your cart, you can choose in the drop-down menu to the right (under "Quantity") to add a black & white (+ € 50) or color (+ € 100) sketch to your book.Size of the sketches is about 15 x 21 cm / 6 x 8 inches.

Please note that autographed works may take a little longer to send than books without personalization.

To update from the standard version to the Deluxe version, please follow this link.

VERY IMPORTANT: Do not forget to give us your crowdfunding participant number, or the name under which you participated and the platform (KickStarter or KissKissBankBank) so that we can associate your order with it. To do so is quite simple: just add a comment when checking out, during step: "# 3. Address".

If you forgot, just send us an email.

Many thanks once again for your help!

Jean-Christophe Caurette