Chris Dunn Illustration Calendrier 2022


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Calendar 2022 - Illustrations from Christopher Dunn.

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Autore Christopher DUNN
Editore Editions Caurette
Numero di pagine 28
Altezza (cm) 12
Larghezza (cm) 12
Peso (kg) 0.28
Lingua no text
Data di pubblicazione 2021
ISBN 9782382890165


The year 2022 is slowly coming, and with it, its Christopher Dunn calendar!

Each month has its own illustration, created by the English artist of Paisley Rabbit and the Treehouse Contest, The wind in the willows, and many other magnificent works.

For more information, visit the publisher's website. You can also find Chris Dunn and Steve Richardson on their personal websites, and don't miss Chris Dunn's Instagram: !

Chris Dunn's paintings can be seen at the Maghen Gallery, 36 rue du Louvre in Paris.