Mateja Petkovic - milkformycoconut Premium + swag pack (Kickstarter exclusive - Preorder)



milkformycoconut is the first artbook by artist Mateja Petkovic.

ONGOING Kickstarter Campaign right here :) This product includes the book and the swag pack.

For more info, visit the the Kickstarter campaign!

(+18) Please mind that the book show explicit nudity and it is meant for adults only!

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Ongoing Kickstarter campaign (2nd of June until the 1st of July)

135,00 €

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Ficha técnica

Autor Mateja Petkovic
Editor Editions Caurette & Spiridon Giannakis
Vinculante Hardcover
Número de páginas 288
Altura (cm) 29,4
Ancho (cm) 20,5
Peso (kg) 1,7
Idioma English
Fecha de publicación Winter 22/23
ISBN 9782382890592

Más información

ONGOING Kickstarter Campaign right here :)

(Every order made during the Kickstarter campaign will include the stretchgoals unlocked on Kickstarter i.e. bookmarks, prints, gilded edges etc.)

(+18) Please mind that the book show explicit nudity and it is meant for adults only!

About the artist:

You might have seen his work before on the cover of PENTHOUSE or on Instagram. Mateja Petkovic aka milkformycoconut is one of those artists who manage to draw adult themes and just don't get banned. Apparently, even bots must admit that his perspective is highly artistic and now, for the first time, you will have the chance to directly support this artist and get your hands on his first artbook.

About the book:

This deluxe artbook will be a a 288-page book in 214 x 280 mm printed on 150gr arctic volume paper and hardcover-bound. It will include 32 bonus pages compared to the standard version, with additional illustrations and work-in-progress shots, showing Mateja's creative process. The deluxe edition will also have an alternative cover, a slipcase and will be signed by the artist!

His art focuses on telling a story, never imposing his own narrative, but leaving space for the viewer's own interpretation of what the painting brings out in them. His pieces are born out of abstract shapes and forms, taking a more concrete form through vibrant color choices and perfectly placed brushstrokes that regularly walk the fine line between realism and the abstract. He is reimagining the figurative art style, conveying emotion and meaning through his unique technique.

Using the human figure, mostly in its nude and rawest form, Mateja dives into the genre of erotic art celebrating human connection and emotion through sexuality. His portraits evoke simplicity and ease yet have a soul-piercing effect.

This deluxe edition is only available during the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, which will end on July 1, 2022.

About the swag pack:

The swag pack includes the items listed below and will be exclusively available for the duration of this campaign.

  • 4 prints in A5
  • 4 prints in A4
  • A (folded) poster in A2

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