Hans Olo - Sketchbook - 2017



Sketchbook - 2017 by Hans Olo

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40,00 €

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Auteur Hans OLO
Editeur SuperAni
Reliure Couverture cartonnée
Nombre de pages 248
Hauteur 18.4
Largeur 26.9
Poids 890g
Langue Anglais
Date de publication 2018
ISBN 978-89-959-73-271

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Hans Olo (no, that's not his real name. Actually, it's Kim Han Soo, but it's less classy!) is an artist from Korean origins, born and raised in Los Angeles. He has been working with Kim Jung Gi and the SuperAni studio for a few years now and we finally convinced him to print his sketchbooks, because... he's a great artist!!
Exploring ideas for fantasy and sci-fi settings, the books also contains fan-arts, studies of various models, vehicles, and spontaneous thoughts drawn between 2015 and 2017.