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SpyGames by Kim Jung Gi and Jean-David Morvan

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Data sheet

Author KIM Jung Gi and Jean David MORVAN
Publisher Glénat
Binding Hardcover
Number of pages 48
Height (cm) 32
Width (cm) 24
Weight (kg) 0.7
Language French
Release date 2014
ISBN 978-27-23487-023

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SpyGames is the first collaborative effort from the famous French comic book author Jean-David Morvan, and the mind blowing artistic genius of Korea's Kim Jung Gi, published by Editions Glénat

The story takes place in modern Hong-Kong, the venue for a secret Olympic contest known as the Spy Olympics. This secret Olympic contest has taken place every 4 years for over a century with participating teams from various countries; but this year, something is about to change...

The text is written in French but we provide a professional English translation with each copy. We hope to have an English version available in the future!

To be fully transparent regarding the price of SpyGames : the price for French customers is 13,90 euros whereas for non-French it is 20 euros. This is due to the cost of the translation which is provided with the book for non-French speakers :)

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