Spring Catalogue 2022 (English)


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Spring Catalogue LiberDistri - Caurette 2022

English version only!

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Verleger Editions Caurette
Bindung Softcover
Seitenanzahl 98
Höhe (cm) 29.7
Breite (cm) 21
Dicke (cm) 0.5
Gewicht (kg) 0.425
Sprache Anglais
Veröffentlichung 2022
ISBN 9791096315741

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It's finally here!

Entirely free, these pages will guide you through all the treasures that we have in our possession! So let yourself be carried away and come discover our magnificent books... You will find in there some artbooks, sketchbooks, photography books, comics and graphic novels, as well as some artists' editions. Enjoy!

English version only!