Jouannigot - À Bâbord, les Passiflore (Special Edition) - French language


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À bâbord les Passiflore is a new book from Die Häschenbande serie by Loic Jouannigot (French language only).

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22,00 €

Technische Daten

Auteur Loïc Jouannigot
Editeur Editions Daniel Maghen
Reliure Couverture cartonnée
Nombre de pages 24
Hauteur 28
Largeur 24
Profondeur 1.5
Poids 0.3
Langue Français
Date de publication 22 octobre 2020
ISBN 9782356740717

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On our LiberDistri online shop, if you've been here before, you are probably more used to find illustration books and artbooks for grown-ups, from Kim Jung Gi, Karl Kopinski, etc... But I REALLY think you should have a look at artists like Frédéric Pillot (Balbuzar) or Loïc Jouannigot. Their art is incredible. If you are reading this page in English, chances are that you don't speak French, but still, the sheer beauty of their paintings and watercolors is, to me, a good reason to have these books on your shelves !

Jean-Christophe Caurette

English: Die Häschenbande books (see the Wikipedia page) by the acclaimed watercolor artist Loic Jouannigot is an all-time favorite. The serie has been going on since 1987 and has sold millions of copies worldwide.

In this new book (published fall 2020), you will find an new story À bâbord les Passiflore along with two classics: Le Premier bal d’Agaric Passiflore et La Famille Passiflore déménage.

This special edition comes along with four exclusive postcards.


Loïc Jouannigot's original artwork is sold by the galerie Daniel Maghen.