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FIRESTARTER - Community Magazine #4

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Auteur Many !
Reliure Couverture Souple
Nombre de pages 180
Hauteur 30
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Poids 750
Langue Anglais
Date de publication 2018

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The Firestarter Community Magazine is a network node for the creative industry, gathering information of the events and their speakers, collecting their lectures and interviews and highlighting information.

In this edition, 21 events are presented!

The high quality of the print and the 8 pages folded cover with the landscape format artwork adds value to the exclusive content made by professionals known in the entire industry.

Welcome to the Firestarter Community !


  • Intro by Spiridon
  • Cover Interview: Wardenlight Studios
  • Fabio Paiva: Figure Sculpting in VR
  • Interview: Bobby Chiu
  • Interview: Ed Hooks
  • Interview: Steve Teeple
  • Lecture: Dahlia Khodur
  • Interview: Cynthia Sheppard
  • Lecture: Darren Yeow
  • Interview: Furio Tedeschi
  • Interview: Jama Jurabaev
  • Interview: Marc Brunet
  • Lecture: Maxx Burman
  • Lecture: Vincent Ménier
  • Interview: Jan Urschel
  • Lecture: Angi Pauly Llobet
  • Interview: Emma Vieceli
  • Will Robinson: Warping in Procreate
  • Review: Trojan Horse Was A Unicorn
  • Review: Promised Land
  • Review: d2 Conferences