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  • 2 books: Behind the Pixels and The Art of Pixoloid Studios
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Publisher Editions Caurette & Pixoloid Studios
Binding Hardcover
Language ENGLISH
Relased date JUNE 2019

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ONE studio, TWO books!

The Art of Pixoloid is the new project of Caurette Editions with Mark MOLNAR and PIXOLOID STUDIOS.

Who are they?

Mark MOLNAR is a concept artist and illustrator who has been working for the entertainment industry for 12+ years both as in-house artist and as a freelancer. He is the co-founder of Pixoloid Studios, where he currently creates artworks for AAA film, game and animation productions.

Pixoloid Studios is a Budapest based concept design studio specialising on the pre-production and visual problem solving for projects of the entertainment industry (films, games, animation, advertising and publishing).

They offer a wide range creative services from movie related concepts (environment designs, character and costume designs, VFX concepts, prop designs, vehicle designs, set extensions, matte paintings, etc.), game cinematic concepts, VR-experience projects, tabletop game, card and RPG book illustrations, but also marketing art and storyboards.

Despite their short history – the studio was created in 2015 -, their client list includes companies like NBC, Imagine, Universal, Paramount, Netflix, National Geographic, Sony, Digic Pictures and Square Enix to name only a few. They’ve worked on more than 18 films and series, such as the six times Emmy Nominated The Alienist series, the British Independent Film Award Nominee: Colette, the hollywood blockbuster Robin Hood and Nat Geo’s popular documentary sci-fi series Mars.



THE tutorial artbook covering the whole process of digital preproduction design

Behind the Pixels‘ story started as the first crowdfunded tutorial artbook on production design, what became a great success and the first edition was voted one of the 10 most inspirational art books of by Future Publishing.

The artbook focuses on the digital art process used in today`s growing entertainment industry covering all aspect of production art from sketches to finished concept design and marketing art. It includes 30+ tutorials, step-by-step walk-throughs and nearly 400 production artwork samples from 32 industry professionals from various segments of the industry (films, visual effects, games, animation, advertising and book illustration). It can be an invaluable resource for any individual interested in any form of the constantly widening digital art scene, but even working professionals and media design schools would be able to use it to learn new techniques and methods from.

More than 30 artists contributed to this masterpiece, including:

Abe Taraky, Alessandro Taini, Alex Negrea, Alexander Brady, Andrei Riabovitchev, Arnaud Pheu, Ben Leon, Björn Hurri, Dan Luvisi, Daniel Orive, Darek Zabrocki, David Sequeira, Efflam Mercier, Emrah Elmasli, Geoffrey Ernault, Georg Loeschner, Gerard Dunleavy, Gilles Ketting, James Paick, Jan Urschel, Jonas De Ro, Justin Goby Fields, Kan Muftic, Levi Peterffy, Lukas Esch, Marc Simonetti, Mark Molnar, Michael Fong, Michal Kus, Paul Scott Canavan, Peter Yong, Salim Ljabli, Titus Lunter


292 pages / Hardcover / 297 x 210 mm / Full Color / English
ISBN: 9791096315154

More information about Behind the Pixels 2.0 on



A journey at the heart of the creative process


The studio has the habit of creating artbooks for itself after each noticeable project to summarise all the creative energy, what goes into the pre-production of a game or film.

This artbook is a selection of artworks from professional projects of the studios and also includes more abstract and experimental personal works from all studio members.

You also get a chance to have a sneak peek into the processes of the studio while creating character and creature designs, memorable environments and set design or keyframe illustrations for films and games.


Contributing Artists: Mark Molnar, Gaspar Gombos, David Metzger, Janos Gardos, Zsolt ‘Mike’ Szabados, Orsolya Villanyi, Reka Kovacs


228 pages / A4 – 297 x 190 mm / Hardcover / English / Full color
ISBN: 9791096315338

More info about The Art of Pixoloid Studios on LiberDistri



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