Luis Quiles - The Antisocial Networks


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The Antisocial Networks by Luis Quiles 

(- 18) Readers' discretion advised - This book contains graphic drawings aimed at adults... If you know what we mean! (- 18)

(This project was crowdfunded through the Spaceman Project. If you want to know more about it, click here!)

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Author Luis QUILES
Publisher Spaceman Project
Binding Hardcover
Number of pages 160
Height (cm) 20.6
Width (cm) 20.6
Thickness (cm) 2.6
Weight (kg) 850g
Language English
Relased date 2018
ISBN 978-84-17253-05-9

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The Antisocial Networks by Luis Quiles, is the second book crowdfunded with the Spaceman Project (click here to know more about the book!)


The Antisocial Networks is an interpretation of modern society through art, an attempt to capture the lights and shadows of our current society through iconic characters and elements of popular culture engraved in our memories, with critical sense and observation.

The author invites you to look through the peephole for the virtues and miseries of contemporary humans, from the point of view of art.

As Luiq Quiles stated:

"These (mainly conceptual) drawings address the themes of social criticism, the abuse of technology and social networks, politics, relations, sexuality... [...] Many have labeled my style as “trash” or “hardcore”. I think that the Antisocial Networks crossed all the boundaries that I didn’t dare push in my previous books. [...] This book includes all my work with no censorship, and my intention is to not leave any room for indifference."